Bye-Nits Clinics®Franchise System

Franchise Benefits:

By Bye-Nits Clinics® network
• Marketing, management and technical support by Bye-Nits Clinics®
• Training and certification of Hair Specialists by Bye-Nits Clinics®

Leasing of Bye-Nits Medical Devices

1. Leasing of Medical Devices to Paediatrician/Clinic

2. ‘Anti-Pediculosis Treatment Day’ by Bye-Nits Clinics®
– Paediatrician/Clinic, 10:00-19:00 (approx. 8 to 15 children)
– Natural, High-Tech Treatment, 30% discount (introductory preferential price, one time only)

3. Collaboration Agreement:Paediatrician/Clinic and Bye-Nits Clinics®: “Pediculosis Monitoring and Control”, Certification by Bye-Nits Clinics®